Green Salad                                  

Small 5.95              Large 10.95  

       with the choices of Peanut dressing or Champagne vinaigrette                                 

Yum Grilled Beef *  (Yum Nua)​(gf)  15.95 

Slice Grilled Flap Stake tossed in spicy chili lime dressing,

sliced cucumber, tomato, green onion,

red onion, cilantro and mint

served on bed of green salad 

Beef Salad​​(gf) 

   small 8.95       large 13.95    

   Mixed Green salad, red onion, cucumber,

tomato with marinated beef 

served with House vinaigrette dressing

​**Tofu available for vegetarian**


Thai Salad

​     Larb  * (gf)    14.95 

     Choices of Chicken, Pork or Tofu 

Ground chicken mixed with spicy chili lime dressing,

toasted rice powder, mint leaves, green onion

Cilantro and shallot 

Chicken Satay Salad ​(gf)

Mixed Green salad, red onion, cucumber, tomato

with marinated chicken 
served with peanut sauce dressing 

**Tofu available for vegetarian**



​Small  7.95       Large  12.95 

Papaya Salad * (Som Tom)(gf)  8.95  

The very popular North-Eastern salad

Thai country style with shredded green papaya,

carrot, tomato, green bean and

crushed peanut mixed with spicy lime juice. 

Thai Salad (gf)

         Mixed Green salad, red onion, cucumber,    tomato with pan grilled chicken served with

peanut sauce dressing.

**Tofu available for vegetarian**


     Yum Glass Noodle*

     (Yum Woon Sen) (gf) 15.95 

Shrimp, calamari, ground chicken and glass noodle

tossed into spicy lime dressing mix well with tomato, onion, ​​green onion and cilantro

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