Whole Tilapia( Two choices of preperation)

Garlic and Pepper   with green apple salsa         16.95 

Sweet and Sour (Three flavors)                         16.95

   Mussaman Curry      


Braised Australian grass fed Beef eye-round in Mussaman chili paste, coconut milk, potato, onion, and roasted peanut with a touch of cumin powder . 

**Bone in Free range chicken  Mussaman Curry is also available. 

BBQ Pork (Kor Moo Yang)


Grilled herbal coconut cream marinated pork served with spicy  tamarind sauce. 

Chef Recommended

Stir Fried Chinese Broccoli 


Chinese broccoli (Kailan)  stir fried with fresh garlic  in Oyster  sauce. 

Crab meat Fried Rice


Stir fried steamed Thai Jasmine rice with garlic, onion, egg, and

super lump crab meat in Thai seasoning soy sauce

Traditional Thai Basil   (Ga-Prow)*


Stir fried ground chicken with fresh chili, garlic, onion,

green bean, carrot and

Thai basil leaves in hot and spicy brown sauce. 

​   Chili green bean*    


Ground chicken stir fried with fresh garlic, Sun dried Bird’s eye chili and green bean. 

Kua Noodle


Stir-fried flat noodle with egg, chicken,calamari, garlic, sliced cilantro and green onion served on bed of green salad. 

Free Range Chicken

Yellow Curry*  


Bone in Free Range Chicken in Yellow Curry Sauce, onion, potato, carrot served with cucumber relish. 

​    Grilled Steak      


Grilled marinated Flap steak served with spicy tamarind dipping sauce. 

Tamarind Fish *


Deep fried battered fillet fish and served with spicy sweet and sour house egg flower tamarind sauce.